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The Pathology Laboratory of Ad-din Medical College Hospital went into operation with a manpower strength of 20 personnel and only 5 major equipments. The Pathology Laboratory comprises most disciplines linked to patient care including clinical biochemistry, hematology, clinical microbiology, immunology and histopathology. The Pathology Laboratory essentially analyzes biological samples for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, drug monitoring and screening.

Our OT complex is designed to facilitate seven Operation Theatres alongside its ancillary departments. The main OT complex located in the ground floor acts as a round the clock hub for the various surgical procedures conducted in this hospital.

Postnatal care (PNC) is the care given to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after birth and for the first six weeks of life. This period marks the establishment of a new phase of family life for women and their partners and the beginning of the lifelong health record for newborn babies (or neonates — a term often used by doctors, nurses and midwives).

Ad-din Eye Hospital Pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the hospital building, is available 24 hours. This service consists of 3 types of pharmacies – In-patient, Out-patient and Retail. All three types have been developed following the Bangladesh Model Pharmacy guidelines and international standards. The service delivery system of the Pharmacy Service is provided in compliance with the joint guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) of Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP). All medications are dispensed, checked and verified by well-trained licensed graduate pharmacists who ensures the right medicine is provided to the right patient.

The Pharmacists also provide mandatory counselling services to all patients to ensure maximum benefits of the prescribed medication. Ad-din Hospital Pharmacy Service ensures policies, procedures and protocols are managed to its customers with the right drug of high quality in the right dosage with the correct instruction along with the patient medication education/ information.

The Pharmacy Department of Ad-din provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services to all patients. Its objective is to provide patient-focused pharmaceutical care in order to achieve definite outcomes that improve patients’ quality of life. The pharmacy department consists of a team of qualified, pharmacist. Pharmacy is always open for the benefit of patient. Pharmacy run by software, all kinds of services from pharmacy distributed by computerized system.

All Kinds of Local & Foreign Medicines are Available-
· 100% Pure Medicines
· Reasonable Price
· Sales Distribution by Computer
· 24 Hours Open

Patients Speak

I came to Ad-din Eye Hospital with severe eye pain and blurry vision. The doctors and medical staff were quick to diagnose my condition and provide me with the necessary treatment. The ophthalmologist carefully explained my eye condition and the treatment options available to me. I was impressed by the level of care and attention I received from the staff at Ad-din Eye Hospital. Thanks to their expertise, my vision has improved significantly, and I am grateful for their dedication to my eye health.

Rahim Mia, 62, businessman, Jashore

After experiencing sudden vision loss, I was brought to Ad-din Eye Hospital by my family. The ophthalmologist on duty quickly assessed my condition and provided me with the necessary treatment. The medical staff was attentive and caring, and I felt reassured that I was in good hands. Thanks to their prompt and expert care, my vision has significantly improved, and I am grateful for their dedication to my eye health.

Mamunur Rahman, 68, teacher, Jashore

Hospital Facts

Figures present data from June 2022 to July 2023.

Cataract Surgery
Phaco surgery
Free SICS surgery
Mobile Operation Theater
Free Health Camp


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